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  • Don�t feel guilty about your next cream soda

    Rescued from NYC restaurants, these bottles are kept out of landfills by transforming them into one of a kind glasses.




    One Belongs

    A SHFT original animated short from Liz Klein.

    Surrealistic animation beautifully juxtaposes the undersea movements of a jellyfish and a plastic bag, offering some poignant commentary on marine pollution in the process. Made by SHFT collaborator Elizabeth Klein, the film makes use of rotoscoping, an age-old animation technique that involves tracing over live-action film movement, frame by frame, creating a dreamlike visual effect. Music more

    Weekend Hippie

    Artist brings your ideas to life, sustainably.

    Paul Nosa makes "sustainable art" using a sewing machine powered by his bike. You give him an idea in five words or less, and he sews a piece of art for you. Not just any idea, though. I tried "baby punched in face" and he politely declined. How more

    RETHINK - Contemporary Art and Climate Change

    Art exhibition in Copenhagen explores the interesection of art, culture and global warming.

    I recently met Beth Terry, the author of a great blog on plastic pollution called Fake Plastic Fish (the definitive resource on our culture’s obsession with plastics) at a very sobering event – the return from an expedition to Midway Island with photographer Chris Jordan, who traveled there with a film crew to document the “plastic graveyard.” Midway is more

    Tom Fun Orchestra "Bottom of the River"

    Beautiful gloom from Trunk Animation Studio

    Wonderfully grim visual interpretation of a song by Tom Fun Orchestra, an eight-piece gypsy folk-punk ensemble from Nova Scotia. A bit of Brecht and a dram of Tom Waits, this gorgeously dark animated short packs a punch. Directed by Alisdair Brotherston and Jock Mooney of Trunk, the "Bottom of the River" video was showcased on BBC Films and nominated for Best Animation at the 2009 more

    Sigur Ros "Gobbledigook"

    Directed by Arni & Kinski, inspired by and in collaboration with Ryan McGinley

    Ryan McGinley's work is sensual, natural and perfectly suited for one of our favorite bands, Sigur Ros, and their inspired track Gobbledigook. There's an oblique environmental message here in the video's playful abandon in nature. It's a sexy nod to the SHFT more

    Brighter Planet

    How to halt global warming...NOT.

    Green social software app Brighter Planet came up with a brilliant idea on reversing climate change: use your living room as a CO2 sink. more

    Carbon Footprint

    A SHFT original animation by Liz Klein

    Liz Klein's animation work is broad-ranged and eclectic. Her rotoscope work in the dreamlike ONE BELONGS is elegiac; her stop motion in BLUE TO GREEN takes Bambi into the terrors of climate change; and now with CARBON FOOTPRINT, Liz takes on yet another animation technique to remind us to be conscious about our own footprint monsters who follow us throughout our lives. This vid has more

    SHFT Green to Blue

    Gripping eco-drama in stop motion by SHFT's Liz Klein.

    SHFT animator extraordinaire Liz Klein creates a moving message about the environment and climate change, using the tried and true technique of stop motion animation. Just in time for the holidays. Watch this before they run more