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  • Don�t feel guilty about your next cream soda

    Rescued from NYC restaurants, these bottles are kept out of landfills by transforming them into one of a kind glasses.




    Powers of Ten

    Riveting short film from Charles and Ray Eames.

    In 1977, the Eameses took a break from designing iconic furniture to produce this mind-expanding video exploring the relative size of things, from the microscopic to the cosmic. Superb. Bonus images: Charles Eames (in lift) filming early version of film, chart plotting film sequences more

    Turtle: The Incredible Journey

    Major Dutch causeway to embark on a new, green future.

    Directed by Nick Stringer, TURTLE: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY is the story of a Loggerhead Turtle who follows the path of her ancestors on one of the most extraordinary journeys in the natural world. Born on a beach in Florida, she rides the Gulf Stream all the way to the frozen north, before swimming around the entire North Atlantic to Africa and back to the beach where she was born. But the more

    Painting With Video

    SWEATSHOPPE's video grafitti stretches the boundaries of the artform.

    In an effort to establish new platforms for public art and performance, the multimedia duo SWEATSHOPPE has developed a new interactive technology that enables them to explore the relationship between video, mark making and architecture. Dubbed "video painting", this technology allows them to essentially "paint" video onto any surface. Shooting in Queens, Brooklyn, more

    Energy Giant

    Great CGI spot created by Happycamper for RWE.

    Another fantastic piece of motion design from Happycamper studio. As for the client, Germany's main energy supplier, RWE gets around 30% of it's supply from coal, and is at about 13%-14% from renewables. Not bad, not good. But they sure do have an eye for more

    MAKE TV: Kinetic Wave Sculptures

    Reuben Margolin’s kinetic art.

    Reuben Margolin is a visionary Bay Area artist who creates totally singular kinetic wave sculptures from a variety of found materials. Graceful and mesmerizing, Margolin’s work is inspired by natural reference points like water droplets, wind gusts, and ocean eddies. Here, MAKE: television takes a look at the artist and his process. more

    TV on the Radio "Me-I"

    Animated excellence co-directed by Daniel Garcia and Mixtape Club.

    Brilliantly executed animated video for "Me-I" by TV on the Radio, from Adult Swim's Warm & Scratchy music comp, about a fantastical pigeon-man who can't tell the difference between consciousness and dreams. Also features dancing trees and a murderous ham sandwich. Co-directed by Mixtape Club and Daniel Garcia of Bent Image Lab, the vid won Best Music Video at both more

    The Apparitions "God Monkey Robot"

    Animated collage madness from director Rob Shaw.

    In this video for southern indie rockers The Apparitions, Rob Shaw uses a collage of animation techniques to portray a nightmarish vision of consumer culture. CG, cutout, graphic and stop motion animation techniques come together to achieve a truly singular style. Produced by Bent Image Lab in Portland. more

    Wayne Levin Photography

    Mindmelting undersea photography depicts the ocean as you've never seen it before.

    Wayne Levin's black and white photos of underwater worlds may leave you wondering if someone spiked your breakfast. The dreamlike, hallucinatory images depict the ocean in an exceptionally unearthly light. Beautiful more