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  • The best in sustainable design, brought to you by SHFT and Sungevity

    Open Friday, October 21st through Thursday, October 27th, 11am-3pm weekdays; 11am-6pm weekends at 161 South La Brea, Los Angeles

    The latest incarnation of the SHFT Pop-Up Shop jumps off in Los Angeles this week. At a temporary space on La Brea, we're celebrating the autumn bounty of sustainable design, with a curated selection of eco-focused products and artwork on display. And since we love everyone equally, we're offering easy access to check out the product array online here. From a reclaimed wood sound system to a solar-powered laptop case, beautiful lighting to biodegradable bikes, the SHFT Pop-Up has it covered.




    Organic Bowl by Domingos Totora

    Recycled cardboard pulp formed into stylish tablepiece $178.00 more

    Graypants Recycled Scrap Lights

    Gorgeous cardboard reuse and brilliant design. $1,399.00 more

    Recycled Denim Jute Rug

    West Elm reincarnates jeans for the living room floor $200.00 - $500.00 more

    Audiowood iPad Perch

    Bamboo shelf/stand can be mounted on wall or desk $95.00 more

    Shinto Bench by Samuel Moyer

    Handmade, all-wood bench resembles a Shinto shrine $600.00 more

    Pharox Solar Kit

    Give the gift of light. Buy one solar light kit, send one to Africa. $49.95 more

    Lexon Safe Travel Clock

    Solar/battery-powered clock in bamboo and bioplastic more

    Lagarta by Ana Mestre

    Playful modular seating in sustainable cork $350.00 - $1,200.00 more

    TreeScreen by William Stranger

    "Functional sculpture" straddles the line between art and design $3,200.00 more

    Light (gets in) Table by William Stranger

    Clean-lined table crafted from salvaged walnut wood $3,200.00 more

    Arbor Collective Skateboard

    Classic carver shaped from sustainably-sourced hardwoods more

    Arbor A-Frame Snowboard

    A bamboo-railed, big mountain gun. $476.00 more

    Safe Calculator by Lexon

    Retro-styled calculator with eco credentials to boot $49.00 more

    God Save the Queen Bee Hive

    Custom-designed castle for pollinating friends $4,800.00 more

    Further Candles

    Kitchen waste grease reshaped into fresh and fragrant candles $24.00 more

    Ginger Syrup from Morris Kitchen

    A fresh yet piquant spike for cocktails $15.00 more

    Lexon Safe Radio

    Wind it up, and this bamboo and corn-based plastic radio pumps out the jams $65.00 more

    Further Hand Lotion

    Rich and luxurious lotion derived from eco-friendly biofuel $12.50 more

    Further Hand Soap

    Biodegradable soap crafted in California from kitchen biofuel $12.50 more

    The Visitors

    Hand-sculpted ceramic figurines made from clay with natural finishes $88.00 more

    Schwinn Vestige Bike

    Biodegradable bike made from flax fiber and coated with water soluble paint $1,470.00 more

    Generator Solar Laptop Charger by Voltaic

    Power your laptop and other handheld electronics on the go $499.00 more

    Plant Design by Big Red Sun

    Eco-conscious landscapers use the Earth as canvas more

    Switch Solar Bag by Voltaic

    Haul your electronics while charging them at the same time $129.00 more

    CompoSpin Garden Compost Bin

    To mix it up, just roll it around. $199.99 more

    Cloud Hanging Lamp by Hive

    Organic cotton fiber design from Hae Young Yoon $1,600.00 more

    Poppy Hanging Lamp by Hive

    Handmade paper flowers combined to create illuminated floral bloom $765.00 - $870.00 more

    Bamboo iPad Case by iWave

    Effective iPad protection in highly renewable bamboo $59.99 more

    Voice One Speakers by Glow Audio

    Bamboo and hemp drivers deliver full-range, organic sound $418.00 more

    Chipmunk Turntable by Audiowood

    Wooden crosscut record player jams that sweet forest music $850.00 more

    Grassroots Headphones by iWave

    Retro-styled, eco-friendly earphones more

    Silva Bamboo Macbook Case

    Caution: May attract rogue pandas. $179.99 more

    Eton Soulra

    Solar-powered sound system for iPod and iPhone. $200.00 more

    Eton Mobius

    Solar-powered battery charger for iPhone 4 $80.00 more

    Cubex Chair & Pillow by Environment

    Modern lounge chair makes comfy use of army tent canvas $2,195.00 more

    Rincon Surf Bag by Environment

    Recycled military canvas board bag, designed by Heather Heron $125.00 more

    Bean Bag Chair by Environment

    Available in recycled military fabric or organic cotton $575.00 more

    Captain's Chair by Environment

    Classic university-style seating made of upcycled wood $345.00 - $395.00 more

    Wheel Dining Table by Environment

    Rolling reclaimed wood design from Alessandro la Spada $3,295.00 more

    Environment Furniture Beam Dining Table

    Rustic table inspired by the beauty of exposed ceiling beams $2,495.00 more

    Sputnik Collection by Environment

    Retro-futuristic seating designed by Fred Frety $475.00 more

    Bunny Lounge Chair by Bend

    Modern California design in powder-coated recycled aluminum $450.00 more

    Anzfer Farms: Fragment Lights

    Reclaimed wood lamps add warmth to any space. $80.00 more