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  • Our collaborative pop-up space with pureDKNY opens in Manhattan's SoHo district this week.

    SHFT has descended upon NYC for the latest edition in our series of pop-up galleries. Presented in collaboration with pure DKNY.

    Photo: An exterior shot of the SHFT pop-up gallery in Downtown Los Angeles last May. (via Green LA Girl)




    Isa's Restoratives - Yarrow Tincture

    A lovingly-crafted, chemical-free herbal remedy for colds and flus. $10.00 more

    Isa's Restoratives - Blue Chamomile Face Cream

    A rich and nurturing natural face cream. $35.00 more

    Kikkerland Water Powered Calculator

    Green number cruncher powered by moisture. $13.00 more

    Nautica T-shirt Designed by Adrian Grenier

    Look sharp in support of Oceana. $25.00 more

    TCHO Dark Chocolate

    Obsessively good organic dark chocolate. $21.00 more

    English Retread Bentley Messenger Bag

    Recycled tires you wear on your shoulder. $169.00 more

    Weaver's Coffee: Signature 3 Gift Set

    100% organic, fair trade-certified coffee crafted from a rich blend of high-altitude beans. $39.95 more

    Scout 150 Explorer Kit

    The ultra-portable solar charging kit from Ground Zero. $399.95 more

    Artecnica tranSglass Tumblers, Polished

    Graceful glassware crafted from recycled bottles. $39.00 more

    Scraplights Disc by Graypants

    Cardboard scraps brilliantly repurposed as light fixtures $279.00 more

    Airsurliving Airwake

    An elegantly-designed, eco-friendly indoor air purifier. more

    Paperweight Desk

    Simple, functional workspace made from 80% recycled cardboard. $220.00 more

    Ango White Space Lamp

    Angus Hutscheson's surreal glowing orb made of silk cocoons. $860.00 more

    Uhuru Design Cyclone Lounger

    Roller coaster chair made from wooden planks reclaimed from the Coney Island boardwalk. $7,200.00 more


    Handcrafted longboards made from reclaimed woods. $325.00 - $375.00 more

    Anzfer Farms: Fragment Lights

    Reclaimed wood lamps add warmth to any space. $80.00 more

    Andre Joyau Entree Bench

    A beautifully basic reclaimed hardwood bench. $5,100.00 more

    ALS Designs Bella Lamp

    An exquisite, bamboo-base floor lamp. more

    Teroforma Whiskey Stones

    Scotch on the rocks. Literally. $20.00 more

    9 Varietal Honey Flight

    Bee Raw Honey provides a complete honey tasting from around the country $78.00 more

    Renovo Pandurance Road Bike

    Renovo's Bamboo commuter is perfect for bombing around the city...and for escaping ravenous pandas. more

    Artecnica Cork Cases

    Put it in cork. $36.00 more

    OrigAudio Fold and Play Speakers

    Collapsible, recycled sound system requires no external power. $19.99 more

    Anna Gram Citrus Clock

    7th grade science fair project meets mod design. more

    Impecca Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

    Add some warmth to your computing experience $89.99 more

    Chiquita Stool

    Renewable ratten-pole seating from designer Kenneth Cobonpue. $635.00 more

    Arbor A-Frame Snowboard

    A bamboo-railed, big mountain gun. $476.00 more

    Temple Repurposed Canvas iPad Case

    Military iPad defense. $148.00 more

    Impecca Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

    Add some warmth to your computing experience $89.99 more

    Griffin AirCurve

    Acoustic Amplifier for your iPhone. $17.99 more