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  • Come correct on your cool weather travels with this seasonal collection from SHFT

    With brisk temperatures and minimal crowds, winter can be a great time of year to hit the road and experience new places. But the key for any cool weather road trip is coming prepared - when braving the elements of the season, it's more important than ever to bring the right gear along. With SHFT's collection of Road Trip Essentials, we have you covered for your wintry travels ahead.




    Stainless Steel Pints by Klean Kanteen & Nau

    Enjoy drinks with travel buddies in these sustainable, stainless steel cups $39.00 more

    Wax Coated Canvas Travel Kit by Will Leather Goods

    Durable, heritage-inspired bathroom kit $70.00 more

    Synfill Stretch Hoody by Nau

    Tech performance and max comfort in a recycled stretch hoodie $199.00 more

    Down Scarf by Nau

    Keep warm and conserve space with this super-compressible scarf $70.00 more

    Eco-Wise Wool Blanket by Pendleton

    Queen-sized comfort, perfect for a couple on the road $178.00 more

    Oaxacan Duffle by Will Leather Goods

    A colorful carry-all, meticulously crafted in the USA $695.00 more

    Dopper Original in Red

    Dutch company commemorates Red Dot Design Award nomination with a limited edition, 'simply red' water bottle $16.25 more

    Cord Taco 5-Pack by This Is Ground

    Clean up messy cords with this simple handmade solution $25.00 more

    Outdoor Hybrid Espresso Set by Handpresso

    Handpresso's new outdoor pack lets you be your own barista while you travel $243.00 more

    Kelton Quilt by Hopewell

    Los Angeles duo brings a traditional craft into the 21st century $365.00 more

    Lip Delivery Nutrition by Intelligent Nutrients

    Certified organic lip balm, packed with antioxidants and free of toxins $12.50 more

    Leave-In Conditioner by Intelligent Nutrients

    Certified organic hair hydration, heat protection, and curl control $14.00 - $31.00 more

    Wooden iPhone Case by Woodbuds

    Sleek smartphone protection in sustainable hardwood $49.00 more

    Decomposition Book by Michael Roger

    Lined notebook in 100% post-consumer recycled paper $8.00 more

    Alpaca Sweater by Industry of All Nations

    A beautifully-crafted, ultra-soft sweater, knit by hand in Bolivia $325.00 more

    Oslo Backpack by Ecoalf

    Padded, everyday backpack crafted from recycled fishing nets $140.50 more

    Men's St. Moritz Vest by Ecoalf

    Ultra-light down vest made of polyester recycled from PET bottles $158.00 more

    Uma Women's Down Jacket by Ecoalf

    Who knew recycled plastic could be so cozy and stylish? $272.00 more

    Rugged Rukus by Eton

    Soak up sun and songs with this solar-powered, smartphone-charging speaker $100.00 more

    FRX3 by Eton

    Stay prepared for anything with this hand-powered, portable radio/smartphone charger/flashlight $60.00 more

    BoostSolar Charger by Eton

    Solar-powered backup battery delivers off-grid juice to phones or tablets $100.00 more