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  • SHFT and Woven Society team up to curate this selection of top-quality products for men

    One of the best parts of doing SHFT is hooking up with like-minded folks working on their own inspiring projects. Among them are the good people behind Woven Society, the well-curated online retailer of quality products for guys. We linked with them to hand-pick this selection of WS offerings,  carrying the common themes of good craftsmanship and timeless design. Running the gamut from fashion to kitchenware, outdoors goods to surf gear, these are must-haves for men in the know.




    Matuse Premium Tuna T

    Soft cotton t-shirt inspired by Tokyo's lively fish markets $40.00 more

    King's County Jerky

    This grass-fed, all-natural beef jerky is the perfect road trip snack $8.99 more

    Hoplite Short Suit by Matuse

    Lightweight wetsuit made from Geoprene -- a greener alternative to oil-based neoprene $179.00 more

    Arcalis Andorra Frame Set

    Build your dream bike in a one-on-one consultation with Arcalis founder Ryan Yee $1,799.00 more

    Big Ass Brick Of Soap 5-Pack

    Duke Cannon's no nonsense soap is for real men $21.00 more

    Middleton Made Knives

    Artfully-crafted chef's knives, handmade in South Carolina by bladesmith Quentin Middleton $240.00 - $420.00 more

    Nanostriker XL by Exotac

    The perfect camping tool provides everything you need to start a fire -- in one tiny package $32.95 more

    The Player's Shirt by Criquet

    Organic cotton, vintage-inspired polo made in Austin, TX $68.00 more

    Polystriker XL by Exotac

    Light it up with Exotac's innovative tungsten carbide firestarter $17.95 more