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Original Digital Series
The Big SHFT
11 episodes

10 innovators changing our world for the better

Lighten Up
13 episodes

Great bands showing us how they tour green.

Brooklyn Informed
11 episodes

A bastion of progressive eco-conscious culture changers makes Brooklyn a cool place to explore

Gardens NYC
6 episodes

Within the urban jungle, New Yorkers claim their little patch of green

3 episodes

LA County Museum of Art partnered with SHFT on a series about food, community, and broadening the definition of art.

7 episodes

SHFT produced a series of Public Service Announcements around recent environmental policy.

Young Farmers
11 episodes

An up-close look at the kids that are shaping our sustainable food future, presented by Lockerz and SHFT

SHFT Events
2 episodes

SHFT @ Sundance and SHFT @ SXSW

Original Series: The Big SHFT

In The Big SHFT, we train the camera lens on the trailblazers who are cutting a path to a more sustainable future. The 10-part doc series is presented in conjunction with Ford Motor Company, whose manufacturing innovations forever changed the way that things are made.

"Sustainability is the biggest issue facing business in the 21st century, and the problem will not be solved by one person or group," says Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company. "How we answer the challenge of the future of mobility will have a lasting impact on generations to come. By partnering with organizations like SHFT, we are able to inspire people to make smart decisions about the products they choose today."

As executive producers of the series, SHFT co-founders Peter Glatzer and Adrian Grenier curate a vast array of topics ranging from food and fashion to urbanization, technology and design.

"This is really about innovation," Adrian says. "Innovation is not dead in America, but it's not just about innovation in industry. It is about innovation of the heart and the spirit. You'll find a lot more social entrepreneurs cropping up in America these days. We're very excited about that. Those are the types of stories we want to highlight."

11 episodes
Yves Behar, Designer for Life
Michael Crooke, Sustainable Business Maverick
Harrison Dillon, Algae Baron
David Hertz, Repurposed
Mike Biddle, Plastics Pioneer
Bionic Men
Bill Ford, Environmental Industrialist
Alice Waters, Food Revolutionary
Van Jones, Green Jobs Pioneer
Tom Szaky, TerraCycle CEO



The Big SHFT: Yves Behar, Designer for Life

The leading light of sustainable design walks us through some of his most game-changing projects more

The Big SHFT: Michael Crooke, Sustainable Business Maverick

The former Patagonia CEO, now a management professor at Pepperdine University, discusses the role of environmental responsibility in business more

The Big SHFT: Harrison Dillon, Algae Baron

Solazyme takes algae-based biofuel applications beyond renewable energy and into cosmetics, plastics, lubricants, and... ice cream? more

The Big SHFT: David Hertz, Repurposed

Sustainability is second nature to one of California's most innovative architects more

The Big SHFT: Mike Biddle, Plastics Pioneer

Get to know the big-thinking engineer whose company closes the loop on discarded plastic more

The Big SHFT: Bionic Men

With help from Pharrell Williams, this New York textile company is reinventing sustainable fabric more

The Big SHFT: Bill Ford, Environmental Industrialist

Meet the forward-thinking Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company, whose ideas on sustainability are driving the business into the future more

The Big SHFT: Alice Waters, Food Revolutionary

Meet the the woman who transformed American fine dining more

The Big SHFT: Van Jones, Green Jobs Pioneer

The nation's leading green jobs advocate aims to renew the American dream more

The Big SHFT: Tom Szaky, TerraCycle CEO

In our new series with Ford, we meet the genial upcycling innovator who turns trash into profit more

The Big SHFT: Trailer

In the new series from SHFT and Ford, we meet ten innovators who are changing our world more