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Stonyfield Farm

Yogurt on a mission.

At SHFT we believe that the problems of climate change call out for market driven solutions. And that we, as consumers, are empowered to drive the change. The truth is we vote with our dollars every day when we purchase things. As Gary Hirshberg has said, We are at the top of the pyramid, not the bottom. When consumers talk, businesses listen”. And we must recognize that power. The cultural shift we are looking to nudge is inarguably happening. 

More and more businesses offer sustainable and organic products to meet the demand of consumers, and not only is business booming as a result, but consumer consciousness is increasing and informing our decisions. The SHFT platform offers up and positions myriad options for a wide audience. The Stonyfield Farm partnership makes the SHFT platform possible, as well as our first original series, LIGHTEN UP.

We are in step with Stonyfield Farm’s mission and are inspired by Gary Hirshberg’s activism and leadership as a steward of sustainable business. He and Stonyfield Farm have had a profound effect upon the perception of the way businesses can be run both successfully and sustainably, and have led other companies in different fields to do the same. We share core values with Gary and are proud and humbled to be working with him and Stonyfield Farm.