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Designed by Lightning Packs

Selecting the right backpack for work or play is essential. Whether you’re headed to the office or out on a trail, a good bag can ease the stress of travel. Having ample space for your things is important, but all those extra goodies can be a curse as much as a blessing—your pack is liable to become uncomfortably heavy. Lightning Packshas solved this dilemma with their HoverGlide backpack that promises to reduce the impact of a burdensome load by up to 86 percent.


So, how does this hi-tech pack work? The company is relatively mum on the specifics, opting to state that it’s a “patented double-frame and pulley system design.” Essentially, the frame operates with bungee cords that allow the load in the backpack to stay at the same height from the ground while you move. The “floating” design takes the strain off your shoulder and joints.

“For the same energetic cost,” Lawrence Rome of the University of Pennsylvania explained, “you can either carry 48 pounds in a normal backpack or 60 pounds in a suspended ergonomic backpack.” This gives you “12 extra pounds for free” while exerting the equal effort. MORE

BY Sara Barnes




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