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A Road Trip Through Chile

  • Posted by Peter Glatzer on December 7, 2015 in Travel
  • Sao Paulo-based photographer Bruno Candiotto originally studied education, arts and history of culture. He now creatively realizes his academic background through travel photography with a particular focus on Brazilian culture. One of his latest trips took him to Chile where he captured the rugged valleys and meandering streams of Cajon del Maipo. Candiotto says about his journey:

    “One of the first things I noticed after arriving at Santiago airport was a photographic display panel accompanied by a sentence stating ‘Chile is a country of contrasts’. Immediately, I thought of the colors I could shoot, but what I did not realize is that those words could also be a warning, like ‘enjoy in moderation’.

    José de Maipo was about two hours by car. After that point, I did not pay attention to the time anymore – after all, we were on a dirt road heading towards the Cajon de Maipo, full of magnificent landscapes that surprised us at every turn. The temperature dropped sharply and icy wind that raised dust bordered on unbearable as we walked. The humidity was low and as we climbed, the typical symptoms of altitude arose. Headaches, shortness of breath, dry eyes, nose and mouth, among other strange sensations. Nevertheless, I did not want to miss any details. I wanted to photograph.

    Gradually, I emptied my pack: coat, scarf, cameras, water, food. The landscapes were indescribably magnificent, revealing a surprising diversity. Valleys, streams, springs gushing water, makeshift bridges with wooden slats, snow (unusual for that time of year), ruins and cliffs, among many other things that made the photographic experience painful but unforgettable.





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