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A Year on the Road: Apple Annie's Orchard

  • Posted by Emily Caldwell on November 4, 2013 in Photography
  • The fruits of the autumn season have ripened across the United States over the last few months. Having missed apple season on the East Coast by a matter of weeks, I decided to find an apple orchard in my unlikely location - Arizona. Little could I imagine what I'd find once I started looking.

    During a stopover in Tucson for some car repairs, I decided to venture out one Sunday in search of the season. What I found was Apple Annie's - a family-run farm nestled in the mountains 2 hours outside of Tucson. A tractor took me out to the best area for picking and I spent the next hour in the orchard. I ended up with a full basket of 20 pounds of Granny Smith and Rome Beauty apples - making for 6 apple pies for my mechanics and many more apples for the road. This will always be a reminder to me to look around me for what's in season, even if it seems unlikely. 





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