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A Year on the Road: Endless Simmer

  • Posted by Emily Caldwell on September 26, 2012 in Photography
  • It's around this time of year again when sleeves get longer and the sun begins to get that familiar autumn slant, signs that shorter days are swiftly approaching. Though this summer was particularly long and hot, it inevitably feels too short, the sweet days and nights playing on repeat in your mind like the perfect film you don't want to forget.

    I recall watching Bruce Brown's infamous 1966 surf movie The Endless Summer as a child and having a dad who was an avid surfer, I have grown up with a wanderlust of my own for the perfect Endless Summer. I've moved across the country for more sunshine and always catch the beginning and end of every summer in places where it's showcased best. 

    Early in spring, I revisited my childhood summers spent in South Padre Island with a trip down to the Texas coastline with my dad. That familiar feeling hit as I watched him walk out into the surf that afternoon. I took the camera from my eye in time to see the crashing water and glittering sun pause in slow motion. Suddenly, it was the summer of 1969 and I was watching a young kid hitting the surf for his last waves before college.

    Considering the summer of 2012, perhaps we won't have to look for an endless summer in years to come. If these past few sweltering seasons are any indication, we will have a perfect 'Endless Simmer' all the way through September and October. So, so long summer. Until we see you next...





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