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A Year on the Road: Over the Border

  • Posted by Emily Caldwell on March 25, 2013 in Travel
  • Like many people, I have an innate fascination with international borders --  what they represent and what they separate. Perhaps driving across the border into Mexico at dusk for a scenic drive isn't the best idea, but I have had worse. 

    These images were collected through an evening in March 2013 across the US border at Douglas, AZ. Once across the border, I took off rambling through back alleys and dimly lit streets, winding through crumbling buildings and empty cafes. Agua Prieta, Mexico presented me with a story of poverty, pollution, and fading hope. It was a blatant reminder of all the things I take for granted just a few hundred yards over the fence. Though I was heavily questioned for my short trip back at the border, this was detour I will never regret taking.





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