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A Year on the Road: Painted Desert

  • Posted by Emily Caldwell on December 3, 2012 in Art
  • I was lucky enough to encounter JB Snyder in Phoenix, Arizona as an artistic force in the vibrant art scene. His mesmerizing graffiti murals in kaleidoscope colors grace many buildings along Roosevelt Street, better known as "Roosevelt Row". Often likened to stained glass windows, each piece has become a landmark downtown. 

    So it's no wonder that when I was asked to document JB participating in Jetsonorama's Painted Desert Project, I jumped at the chance. The project is one that speaks to anyone who has ever wanted to give back to a place they love, somewhere they call home. 

    “I’m just trying to reflect the positivity I have been allowed to experience from the people for the past 25 years,” Chip says. “It’s like I’m holding a mirror up and saying, ‘Thank you for letting me experience all this.’ And to the youth I’m saying, ‘Learn from this!’"

    Starting in Phoenix with no less than 70 cans of spraypaint and a few gallons of water, we headed up to the swirling hills of Antelope Valley, just South of the Grand Canyon. The rest of the day I watched JB Snyder craft his vibrant window from start to finish into the emptyness of the desert. If you're ever driving back from the Grand Canyon, keep and keen eye out and you may just see this and many other love letters to the Navajo Nation. 





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