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A Year on the Road: Singh Farms

  • Posted by Emily Caldwell on April 29, 2013 in Photography
  • If you thought no food ever grows in the desert, then allow me to share with you a place that will change your mind. You wouldn't know if from the freeway, but just off the 101 in Phoenix, Arizona there lies one of the most extraordinary farms the desert has ever seen. After I heard someone say it was the farm of their dreams, I knew I had to see it for myself. 

    A bustling farmer's market stand greeted me up on entrance to the farm, only open on Saturday mornings. Vegetables picked just hours before stood proudly in their seasonal glory as well as numerous local products like freshly baked bread and spicy mustard. Had I not taken a stroll further, I would not have ever imagined what I'd find next.  

    Past a wooden gate and under the shade of the mesquite trees I stumbled upon around a dozen garden "rooms", each enclosed with flowers or fallen trees, the path meandering through corridor after green corridor. The gardens are companion planted with wildflowers, painting splashes of color in the dappled light. Tables and chairs pepper the property, urging you to sit for a moment and take it all in. I wandered for ages, marveling at the soil quality (I know, I'm a nerd) and found among many things a large teepee, free-range chickens and turkeys, and another market stall- complete with an outdoor kitchen and wood-burning oven.  

    Raised in India, Canada and Arizona, Ken Singh has painstakingly restored his soil to the rich fertility of its former glory when American Indians farmed there. In honor of the history, his Indian neighbors have his permission to pick anything they'd like for free. The farm relies on word of mouth and they have no farmer’s market stall in Phoenix. Despite this, Singh is kept busy composting hundreds of pounds of produce scraps from local restaurants, giving advice to anyone who needs it and of course, tending to his magnificent farm. 






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