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A Year on the Road: The Lone Star State

  • Posted by Emily Caldwell on March 4, 2013 in Photography
  • On March 2, the state of Texas celebrated its Independence Day, a victory that marked the boundaries of a state so proud and so grand in scale that everything really is bigger there. Having spent 8 years of my childhood living everywhere from the Valley on the border of Mexico to Dallas, I can definitely vouch for that as well as proudly declare my complex love for Texas. 

    In the spirit of it all, I have sifted through some images of one of my favorite trips through the wonderfully diverse, yet vastly flat landscape of Texas. My fellow adventurer Grey and I set off on a route along the Southern border of the US and Mexico. We roamed for days through the sun-drenched southwest states, camping, swimming, and documenting. My favorite landscapes and images, however, were taken deep in the heart of Texas.





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