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Bernardo Bader Architects: House on the Moor

  • Posted by SHFT on June 19, 2013 in Architecture
  • The work of Vorarlberg, Austria-based architects reflects a commitment to simple, clean forms with an emphasis on energy efficiency and local materials. The newly built Haus am Moor (House on the Moor) is a prime example.

    Located in the picturesque forests near Krumbach, Austria, the house was constructed from spruce, fir, and elm sourced from the woods around the site. Around sixty trees were used to clad the interior and exterior of the home, including walls, flooring, doors, and furniture. The bright, airy feel of the light woods used in the interior is nicely augmented by exposed sections of concrete.

    During excavation work, a useful and precious clay was revealed that would become the base for the in-floor heating. Additional heating is generated from a ground-sourced heat pump.

    (h/t iGNANT)

    Photos: Adolf Bereuter





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