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Blanca Vinas: Chemical Landscapes

  • Posted by SHFT on November 13, 2013 in Photography
  • Spanish photographer Blanca Vinas treats film like a painter's canvas, using a variety of techniques to alter the images she shoots on Lomography devices. From double exposures and colour filters, to masks and chemical treatments, Blanca experiments with multiple methods to express different realities on film.

    "I started taking photographs when I discovered the possibility of the sensitive emulsion of film to be treated as a canvas of a painting," she writes. "For me it was the perfect opportunity to create images uncontrolled, where the surprise is a part of the game."

    Chemical Landscapes, a collection of Blanca's photos from 2010, is a nice example of her work. The images were shot at the Llobregat Delta near Barcelona, where the Llobregat River empties into the Mediterranean. Blanca then treated the film with vinegar, resulting in hallucinogenic washes and dots that depict the banal landscapes in an otherworldly manner. 





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