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Bob Burnquist: Skate Afloat

  • Posted by SHFT on March 21, 2014 in Sports
  • Bob Burnquist, the pioneering Brazilian skater (and, incidentally, committed environmentalist), has boldly taken the sport to another new frontier. His latest invention is a floating miniramp in the middle of Lake Tahoe, a project inititated by Visit California as part of its "Dream Big" campaign. And dream big they did. Master rampbuilder Jeff King and his team spent 300 man hours and used 1,250 screws to create the 7,300-pound ramp. For Burnquist, who says, "All my dreams came true in California," the project is yet another example of him turning skateboarding fantasy into reality.

    Visit YouTube to catch some video footage of Burnquist skating on water.





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