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Brooklyn Tailors

  • Posted by on March 17, 2010 in Fashion
  • Ecouterre recently covered the lovely Brooklyn Tailors "a prime example of how the fashion industry should operate: small, local, and people-focused. Run by Brenna Boyce and Daniel Lewis out of their label’s namesake borough, Brooklyn Tailors creates its custom and read-to-wear garb by hand one at a time. Each piece features quality materials, artisanal workmanship, and an impeccable fit and finish that will sharpen any man’s appearance. Although Brooklyn Tailors uses conventional fabrics (cotton, horsehair canvas, English wool) as opposed to more eco-conscious textiles, its commitment to local craftsmanship—a dying art in these fast-fashion times—is noteworthy."

    -Daniel Mendes (Via Ecouterre)




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