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'California's Greenest Brewery' to Open on the LA River

  • Posted by SHFT on July 3, 2013 in Food
  • The Los Angeles River, once the lifeblood of the LA region, was encased in concrete in the 1930s in order to protect a growing urban area against unpredictable flooding. Like most LA residents, Dave Hodgins didn't pay the river a lot of thought. But when the self-confessed craft beer nerd started looking at potential locations for his new brewery, he was taken to property on the riverbank, and was immediately drawn to it. Dry River Brewing was born, and now Dave and Vanda Ciceryova, his wife and co-brewer, have turned to Kickstarter to help bring their vision to life:

    We see Dry River Brewing as a place to bring people together around a shared vision for what the Los Angeles River can be. There is a huge opportunity to create the longest urban greenway in the country, to reconnect the city’s diverse communities with over 50 miles of bike and pedestrian trails, and to provide a safe place for people to interact and enjoy the outdoors—all while creating billions of dollars in local economic activity.

    The company has teamed with the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation, whose mission is “to transform the Los Angeles River and to improve people’s lives by carrying out sustainable land use projects, advocacy for river friendly policy, and programs for community benefit.” Once it's up and running, Dry River Brewing will donate one percent of its profits to the group.

    As to the beer, it's all about local flavor and sustainable ingredients. From the Horchata Cream Ale and the Jamaica-Weisse, brewed with Hibiscus flowers, the beers reflect the place from which they derive. The brewery will also have a restaurant serving local, sustainable seafood, and a performance space for local musicians, with its walls covered in artwork by -- you guessed it -- local artists.

    It's a great project that we can totally get behind. Check out Dry River Brewing on Kickstarter and see how you can get involved.





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