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Chickening Out

  • Posted by on October 26, 2010 in Food
  • We all want our children to be enthusiastic about local, sustainable food, but there are moments when they can get a little too, er, focused on it. For Pete Wells, author of the always great (and too infrequent, in our opinion) Cooking With Dexter column in NYT Mag, that happened when his six year-old started demanding backyard chickens and rooftop beehives.

    After hiding his copy of "My Empire of Dirt"— Manny Howard's story of his attempt to subsist only on what he could produce on his Brooklyn property — Wells bravely faces up to Dexter's relentless pro-farming agitation by doing what any smart parent would do: stall for time.

    How? By diverting his food obsession to the practice of making sausage.

    The article also features a couple droolworthy sausage recipes from the meat geniuses at Meat Hook in Brooklyn.

    Read it here.

    Photo: Backyard Farming Blog/Flickr





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