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Climate Bill Fail

  • Posted by on July 25, 2010 in Politics
  • Well, it's all but official. According to every major news outlet, the attempt to pass federal climate and energy legislation has failed. Democrats announced Friday they were abandoning the bill, effectively snuffing out any possibility of it passing.

    But why? After so much hope early in Obama's term, how did the effort to address global warming and reduce our oil addiction die before it saw the light of day? Was it the financial crisis? Health care? Big Oil? Partisan obstructionism?

    In the New York Times, bestselling author Thomas Friedman argues that there is only one group people to blame for the failed bill: ourselves. In the face of a stressful and confusing two years, the American public never really mobilized to push for climate legislation.

    Meanwhile, with Americans wallowing in the mire, China announced that it is moving forward with plans to install a carbon trading system.

    According to Friedman, Joe Romm, the man behind, says it best: The best thing about improvements in health care is that all the climate-change deniers are now going to live long enough to see how wrong they were.

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