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Cool Conceptual Photography by Ross Sawyers

  • Posted by SHFT on May 15, 2013 in Photography
  • Inner city condo development gets marks for increasing urban density and making homes more affordable. But it also creates a new form of tension as people adjust to living in smaller spaces, in closer proximity to one another. Using miniature models of residential spaces, conceptual photographer Ross Sawyers explores the tensions inherent in housing development:

    By constructing model rooms that amplify the design compromises common in new residential developments, I try to highlight a tension between housing as a sellable commodity and the home as place of solitude and retreat. Notions of privacy and community are continually pushed and reformed by referencing and exaggerating the actions of developers as they build the structures that we live in and call home.

    In the photos, the interiors are depicted as unfinished and/or vandalised, with a wink to the housing collapse that devastated the economy a few short years ago. While not exact replicas of home interiors, the spaces depicted in carry the familiar hallmarks of densified housing development. The resulting images are eerily familiar, challenging our notion of what "home" is.





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