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Cubist Watercolors by Adam Lister

  • Posted by Peter Glatzer on June 19, 2014 in Art
  • Adam Lister has gotten attention for his 8-bit watercolor paintings and in this series, put together by our friends at Faith is Torment, there are a few of Lister's takes on the classics like Seurat, and Hopper. It's a modern day ode to Cubism but also has aspects of early Nintendo games with their blocky graphics.
    I start with a pencil drawing, blocking in a few of the bigger components of my composition. Then I look to build the initial sketch into a strictly angular and geometric description of the subject, using only vertical and horizontal lines. A circle becomes a square, a diagonal becomes a staircase, and the translation of the original idea is rearranged through an 8-Bit inspired visual language. I find that the transparent and subtle qualities of watercolor paint on heavyweight cold press paper present a nice contrast to the rigid structure of the each picture.
    You can see more of Adam's work at his website. - See more at:





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