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Daphne Kotsiani: At The Beach

  • Posted by SHFT on January 16, 2013 in Photography
  • Some people creative skills to burn. Count Daphne Kotsiani among them. Trained as a classical pianist, Kotsiani is an accomplished musician with recording credits that include this collaboration with Sigur Ros. She is also a self-taught photographer, and from the looks of this series, she's taught herself quite well. With an eye for lonely forms and figures in natural landscapes, Kotsiani creates beautiful, textured images that are positively dripping in melancholy and nostalgia. The gorgeous At The Beach series, shot in her native Greece, offers a case in point.

    In a discussion with Red Bubble, Kotsiani explained the connection between music and photography:

    During my involvement with music and photography, I found some common elements very intriguing to me such as form, composition, rhythm, colors, lines, textures, the contrast between light and shadows. The fact that music is experienced through time but photography is frozen time makes their combination fascinating. The one completes the other. 

    View more of Kotsiani's photography at 500px.

    (via Faith Is Torment)






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