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Design in Williamsburg

  • Posted by SHFT on June 28, 2013 in Design
  • Brooklyn's steady, inexorable gentrification is a divisive topic. On the one hand, the glass condominiums (and the yuppies they contain) are blamed for diminishing the character of neighborhoods in the borough. On the other hand, the influx of dollars and young, creative inhabitants is helping revitalize run-down BK communities. The latter position is the stance taken by The New York Times in an interactive piece on the flourishing design culture in Williamsburg.

    Writer Julie Lasky explores the four square blocks from North Sixth Street to North Eighth Street and from Berry Street to Kent Avenue, where "a narrative of gentrification unfolds through design."

    From a custom metal furniture manufacturer and a craft beer bar, to a stoneware studio and a kidswear shop, this is the face of the new Williamsburg.

    Read the article here.

    (via NYT)

    Photo: Rosarito Fish Shack on Wythe Ave in Williamsburg. (Robert Wright/The New York Times)





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