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Dovecote Studio: Preservation, Meet Prefab

  • Posted by SHFT on April 12, 2012 in Architecture
  • On England's Suffolk coast, architects from London firm Haworth Tompkins have made unlikely bedfellows of prefab architecture and historic building preservation. Dovecote Studio was created from the ruins of a Victorian-era dovecote, which was used as a frame for a Cor-ten steel "lining". The inner form was lowered by crane into the aging brick structure.

    Say the architects: "The result is a building that from a distance evokes the ghost of the original structure, but, seen from close to, reveals itself as entirely new."

    The new form functions as an artist's studio, with a skylight in the north side of the roof that illuminates the plywood interior, which includes a mezzanine with a desk and corner window overlooking marshes towards the sea.

    More info and imagery at Haworth Tompkins.

    (via Treehugger)

    Photos: Phillip Vile





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