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E-bikes Propel Chinese Commuters

  • Posted by on December 28, 2009 in Transportation
  • In China, where streets formerly packed with bicycles are increasingly clogged with cars, a new two-wheeled vehicle is quickly gaining momentum as an alternative means of transportation. Rechargeable electric bikes, or e-bikes, are growing in popularity as Chinese commuters begin to acknowledge the negative aspects of owning a car, such as gas prices, parking fees, noxious fumes and the notorious traffic jams.

    Besides the lower costs for parking, and the convenience of quickly whipping through intersections, e-bikes typically cost much less to maintain than cars. Batteries charge overnight and last about a year before needing replacement.

    E-bikes range from about $219-366. About 20 million will be sold in China in 2009.

    Via: Washington Post

    Photo: Nelson Ching/Bloomberg News





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