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Eco-Friendly Hobbit Homes Built In Three Days

  • Posted by Peter Glatzer on December 3, 2015 in Home/Garden
  • Have you ever fantasized about living deep in the ground, in one of the cosy hobbit holes that J.R. R. Tolkien so richly describes in his novels? A company named Green Magic Homes is giving their customers the opportunity to do just that, with their easy to assemble pre-fabricated structures that can be covered with soil, to create a charming home any hobbit would be happy to reside in. Possibly the best part? It takes only three people to assemble on of these structures in three days, and they require no special skills or heavy equipment.

    The Green Magic Homes are composed of prefabricated vaulted panels made of laminate materials, with walls that are laterally reinforced by soil. The resulting structures are stable and well-protected from the climate and UV radiation. Each component has perforated flaps that seal into one another, anchoring them to the foundation and allowing for a fast installation. Composite ducts and channels for electrical wiring and water pipes, as well as mechanical ventilation ducts, can be added to the shell at any point.

    With a variety of sizes and shapes available, there is a customizable home package available for all. Would you want to live in a modern-day do-it-yourself style hobbit hole?

    Via My Modern Met





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