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Eerily Beautiful Photos of Churches in Ruin

  • Posted by SHFT on May 8, 2013 in Photography
  • Dietmar Eckell has a thing for ruins. The German photographer travels the world to capture eerily beautiful photos of decaying things and places, from forgotten military sites and decomposing cars to crashed planes and abandoned buildings.

    Of the many excellent photo series on his website, God's Ruin is one of our favorites. The collection of images stunningly depicts ancient churches and temples in varying states of decay. Whether it's a flooded church in Romania or a disintegrating Buddhist temple in Burma, it's not hard to uncover the layers of meaning. Amazing work.

    Eckell has launched a successful Indiegogo campaign to fund the publication of a photo book for Happy Ending, featuring 50 high quality images of downed aircrafts in which all the passengers survived.





    Stomacher, "Untitled/Dark Divider"

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