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Emmanuel Coupe's Painterly Utah

  • Posted by SHFT on April 3, 2013 in Photography
  • Paris-born Emmanuel Coupe knows a thing or two about landscape photography. The globe-trotting shooter was named 2009 Landscape Photographer of the Year for this extremely epic shot of a Scottish sunrise. So if you like landscape photos, Coupe's online portfolio is a good place to get inspired.

    Thanks to My Modern Met, we've discovered Coupe's extra-amazing work from south-central Utah, and it may be our favorite landscape series ever.  Rolling blue hills, snowy forests, vibrantly-colored bushland -- the area's natural majesty is on full display in these images. Surprisingly, Coupe didn't do much post processing work to pull them off. 

    When asked what he enjoys the most about taking landscape photos, Coupe answered, "Quite simply, it combines being close to nature and, even more importantly, doing so in a creative mindset."

    (via My Modern Met)





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