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Emotive Film Photography by Kim Winderman

  • Posted by SHFT on July 22, 2013 in Photography
  • L.A. photographer and creative director Kim Winderman captures dreamy, nostalgic images that ask us to pause and look at things our gaze might ordinarily pass over. These black-and-white pictures, shot on film, show off her incredible eye for intricate abstraction and subtle details. Quiet and contemplative, Winderman's work explores the interplay between light and darkness, in both a visual and emotional sense.

    "The progression from light to negative to light to print is an important and slow process that makes photography what it is, or at least what I love so much about it," she says. "You just don’t get that with encrypted data - it's too fast and hyper real. - although I have an appreciation for the beauty in that and most of all the accessibility that digital allows, it just means something else for me."





    Stomacher, "Untitled/Dark Divider"

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