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Enigmatic Photos of Coastal Barcelona

  • Posted by SHFT on October 25, 2013 in Photography
  • As much as any urban center, Barcelona is defined by its architecture. The Spanish city's buildings are its greatest tourist attraction, and it is the only city ever to win a Royal Gold Medal for architecture. In his photo series Backside Waterfront Barcelona, Benjamin Gerull presents the city in a new light, one that challenges the viewer's assumptions about its identity. It is a project about urbanization, Gurell says (translated from his native German):

    Backside Waterfront Barcelona deals with the topic of urbanization. Architecturally, a highly stylized landscape, Barcelona is not in a perfect state. Major new project in town is the creation of artificial beach and the resulting recovery of land for new state-of town.

    As is is usually the case with Google Translate, the results are a bit off. But you get the point. See the rest of the series here, and be sure to check out Benjamin's architectural work while you're there. 





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