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EPA Fights Back

  • Posted by SHFT on September 29, 2011 in Politics
  • The Obama Administration responded with strong words Wednesday to a Republican-initiated report claiming that the agency should have sought outside scientific review on the human impacts of climate change.

    The report out of the Office of the Inspector General charged that the Environmental Protection Agency cut corners in concluding that greenhouse gases pose a threat to human health. The investigation was requested by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), a vocal climate change skeptic. It didn't deal with the scientific aspect of the EPA's greenhouse gas findings, rather focusing on whether the agency followed the necessary procedures for reviewing scientific material before reaching its conclusion.

    “The report does not question or even address the science used or the conclusions reached — by the EPA under this and the previous administration — that greenhouse gas pollution pose a threat to the health and welfare of the American people," the EPA said in its statement. "Instead, the report is focused on questions of process and procedure."

    Environmentalists were quick to join the EPA in defence of the report's allegations.

    "The EPA Inspector General in no way questions the science underlying the endangerment finding," said Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee. "It is time to move on to protect the American people from the impacts of climate change, which we are already beginning to see."

    (via HuffPo Green)

    Photo: Southern Company's coal-fired Plant Bowen in Cartersville, Georgia. (Reuters)





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