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Eric Cahan: Sky Series

  • Posted by SHFT on October 14, 2011 in Photography
  • Inspired by the work of Mark Rothko, James Turrell and the 1960s conceptual movement, Light and Space, New York native Eric Cahan creates visionary images of sunsets and sunrises from various locations around the world. The stunning photos are particularly influenced by Turrell's Roden Crater Project. As Turrell once said, "light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation." From Cahan's bio: 

    The photographs in the ongoing Sky Series are initially captured as sunrises or sunsets. Cahan uses as many as four different cameras ranging from 6 x 7 film to digital. Employing dozens of graduated filters traditionally used by filmmakers, his objective is to create a window into a time and a place, and to demonstrate how memories and colors shift and become abstract. Cahan produces chromium prints of each image numerous times until the result is seamless, free of banding or blemish

    See the rest of the series here.






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