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Eyes As Big As Plates

  • Posted by SHFT on April 5, 2013 in Art

  • "Eyes As Big As Plates" is a fun series of works from Finnish artist Riitta Ikonen and Norwegian photographer Karoline Hjorth, who depict seniors wearing costumes made of organic, scavenged materials. The project  explores concepts related to folklore and myth, connecting the human subjects back to the Earth.

    The artists explain in a statement:

    Each image will present a solitary figure in a landscape, dressed in elements from surroundings that indicate neither time nor place, encouraging a sense of timelessness and universality. This blending of figure and ground recalls the way in which folk narratives animate the natural world through a personification of nature. The slippage of elderly figures into the landscapes suggests a return to the earth, a celebration of lives lived, reinforcing the link between humanity and the natural world.

    Selections from the series, including some recently created in New York, are currently showing at Recess in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood until April 26.

    (via Ignant)





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