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Farmscape Opens Rooftop Garden in Downtown LA

  • Posted by SHFT on February 2, 2012 in Food
  • Farmscape, California's largest urban farming operation, has recently launched what may be its most ambitious project to date: a 200-square-foot custom garden on the roof of The Jonathan Club in Downtown Los Angeles. Completed in December, the garden provides fresh, organic produce for chefs working in the kitchen of the private social club.

    Writing for LAist, Lauren Lloyd sums it up:

    Using a system of raised bed planters, the 200-square-foot custom organic garden will sprout the following tasty greens during the winter growing season: snap peas, snow peas, broccolini, Swiss chard, spinach, arugula, romaine lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, red and yellow beets, baby carrots and a large variety of herbs. Fully completed in December, the garden has already produced romaine and buttercrunch lettuce, mesclun mix, Swiss chard and bok choy. What about fruit, you ask? They've got that covered, too. Farmscape is also maintaining a variety of fruit trees, including lemon, lime, orange and fig.

    "We're excited to be able to grow the freshest produce possible for the The Jonathan Club's new head chef," says Farmscape CEO, Jesse DuBois. "We hope that building this rooftop garden right in the middle of Los Angeles demonstrates that food cultivation can happen almost anywhere. Now members of the club can enjoy fresh and artisanal ingredients without traveling out to a distant farm field."

    (via LAist)

    Photo: Farmer Lowell





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