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Flick the Switch, and Smart Glass Blocks Heat and Light

  • Posted by SHFT on August 18, 2013 in Science/Tech
  • US Department of Energy scientists have engineered a spray-on nanocrystal window coating that uses electricity to control how much heat and light passes through it. The "smart glass" coating, which can be controlled to respond to changing weather conditions, could represent a major leap in energy efficiency technology for buildings.

    The technology, described in Nature, makes use of conductive materials that absorb heat and change color when an electric current passes through them. A thin, transparent film applied over the coating delivers the required voltage to kick the material into action. According to the researchers, when combined the materials can block 50 percent of heat and 70 percent of light.

    The team, from DOE's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has struck up a partnership with Oakland, CA smart window startup Heliotrope to bring the material to market.

    (via Wired)

    Photo via Wired





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