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Found Concrete Installations by Lizzie Buckmaster Dove

  • Posted by SHFT on May 3, 2013 in Art
  • It's not unusual for creative types to go for walks to find inspiration. But for Australian artist Lizzie Buckmaster Dove, daily walks also serve the purpose of uncovering the materials she uses in her work. Walking along the seaside  near her home in Coledale, New South Wales, Lizzie collected concrete fragments from an old swimming pool which has been claimed by the to-and-fro of the tides.

    These collected chunks of concrete form the basis of Lizzie's latest series of installations, Pool, The Alchemy of Blue. The works act as a sort of tribute to lunar rhythms, referencing the moon’s ability to create the tides that demolished the Coledale pool.

    Visit Lizzie's website to view more pics, and hit up Vimeo to see a talk with the artist about the project.

    (via Colossal)

    Photos: Bernie Fischer (outdoor), David Corbett (Wollongong City Gallery)





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