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Giant Urban Murals by Rimon Guimaraes

  • Posted by SHFT on February 17, 2014 in Art
  • 25-year-old Brazilian artist Rimon Guimarães is gaining legions of fans for his massive, multicolored murals popping up in cities around South America, Europe, Africa, and beyond. One quick glance through these photos and it's easy to see why. With inspiration ranging from nature to comics, botanical illustration to primitive art, the self-taught artist depicts organic forms and bold characters in a vivid style that -- while harkening fellow Brazilians Os Gemeos --  is wholly his own.  

    Hailing from Curitiba -- Brazil's southernmost major city, located about five hours down the coast from São Paulo -- Rimon has traveled widely, getting up (legally and not) in cities like Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, and Porto Alegre. 

    You can see plenty more of Rimon's work on Flickr and Tumblr

    (via The Fox is Black)





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