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Green Voting Guide

  • Posted by on October 31, 2010 in Politics
  • With 37 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested and all 400 House seats up for grabs, the 2010 midterm election will mark a major shift in federal politics for the next two years. The environment — and particularly climate change — represents one of the most important issues at play.

    Here in California, there are several ballot measures in the gubernatorial election that have direct environmental consequences. The most notorious is Prop. 23 (the Dirty Energy Proposition) that we've produced several PSAs about. Prop. 23 is an anti-clean energy measure supported by Texan oil companies that attempts to kill the clean tech eocnomy and maintain our addiction to dirty oil. That's a definite NO.

    For the rest of the green ballot measures, we tapped the California League of Conservation Voters for a handy guide on how to vote.

    • NO on Prop 20, extending redistricting commission to Congressional races
    • YES on Prop 21, the California State Parks Initiative
    • YES on Prop 25, majority vote budget
    • NO on Prop 26, the Polluter Protection Act
    • YES on Prop 27, removing the redistricting commission

    To see which individual candidates to vote for in the name of good environmental governance, visit CLCV's endorsements page.

    You probably don't need reminding, but the elections are Tuesday, November 2nd. Get out and vote!

    Photo: The California State Capitol (Wikimedia Commons)





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