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Habana Outpost

  • Posted by on September 13, 2010 in Architecture
  • Sean Meenan's Habana Outpost in Brooklyn is pushing the eco restaurant game to new heights. The eatery is part of Meenan's stellar, Caribbean-influenced Cafe Habana enterprise, which includes the original location in Manhattan's East Village and a new one in Malibu, Calif., opened earlier this year. Over at Inhabitat, Bridgette Meinhold gives a nice rundown of all the green goings-on at Habana Outpost.

    The array of solar panels on the patio not only meet the Outpost's energy needs but also feed power to surrounding buildings when the restaurant's demands are low. Also on the Outpost's green design menu: a bike-powered blender, a rainwater collection system, low-energy lighting, compostable plates and silverware, a composting station, a garden, and a solar chandelier that absorbs sunlight through fiber optic cables. Wow.





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