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iPhone Apps Hush Anti-Climate Changers

  • Posted by on February 19, 2010 in Energy
  • If you've got a friend, relative, or famous radio personality who makes a point of doubting the effects or even the existence of climate change--especially if that person cites a snowstorm as evidence--we've got a few apps that'll learn 'em good, and then teach 'em how to make up for the damage they've done....MORE>>

    -Dan Nosowitz

    (Via Fast Company)





    Don't Mess With CA, Starring David Arquette

  • A SHFT-produced PSA, directed by Matthew Cooke for the No on Prop. 23 campaign.
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  • Lapka Environmental Monitor

  • Turn your iPhone into your own environmental monitoring station
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  • A Convenient Untruth

  • Conservatives affirm their ignorance of science with their reactions to last week's "Snowpocalypse".
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