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James Reeve: Lightscapes

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on January 23, 2012 in Photography
  • London-born, Marseille-based photographer James Reeve trips the light fantastic with his most recent collection of images, Lightscapes. Working under cloak of night, Reeve trains his camera on the lights of the city, removing everything but the speckled light patterns themselves. The effect is arresting, akin to the woozy feeling one gets when looking out the window of an airplane at night. 

    "I have been exploring the night in a new way, stripping away normal visual references to focus not on the landscape itself, but on the vivid scars of light that pierce the darkness," Reeve writes. "Vast industrialised cities and iconic landmarks are represented as anonymous patterns of light, whilst the contours of buildings are stripped away to reveal the contents within."

    Click through the images and see if you can recognize any of the urban zones, which range from Las Vegas to Bangkok. 





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