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Jeremy Underwood: Human Debris

  • Posted by SHFT on July 3, 2013 in Art
  • Jeremy Underwood, a Houston-based photographer who earns a living shooting weddings, has some interesting personal work in his portfolio that investigates our relationship with the natural environment. Human Debris is one such project. For the series, spotted on ignant, Underwood built site-specific sculptures using trash collected from Houston's waterways. Situated along the shore with water and sky in the background, the garbage sculptures look rather stunning in the muted light.

    From the photographer:

    Human Debris is a commentary on what humans leave in the natural landscape. The project spotlights the environmental condition of Houston’s waterways through the building of site-specific sculptures assembled out of harvested debris collected from the beach.

    After completing the photo series, Underwood left the sculptures behind to be discovered by others, allowing passers-by to consider "the pervasion of pollution."

    (via ignant)





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