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Keystone XL: Here We Go Again

  • Posted by Mitchell Flexo on February 15, 2012 in Energy
  • When big money is at stake, big powers take drastic measures to preserve their profits. Case in point: the Keystone XL pipeline, v. 2.0. Just weeks ago, President Obama said no to the first proposal for a pipeline that would transfer oil from the tar sands of Canada to refineries in Texas. Now a group pf U.S. senators are looking to resuscitate the project. Led by Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), the effort aims to bypass environmental review and switch the decision making process from the EPA to Congress.

    If the Senate were to pass the bill, it would await approval on President Obama's desk, and if the past few weeks are any sign it should not live much longer than a short second there. Either way, activists are coming together in a very powerful way, barraging the senate with hundreds of thousands of opposition petitions. Led by the NRDC,, and the Sierra Club, people are standing up for the interests of the environment and saying "no!" to Big Oil. This letter from some of the nation's top climate scientists explains why the pipeline is a bad idea.

    You can get involved by signing this petition telling Congress that you do not want to invest in a fossil fuel polluting future. Show your support for the environment today.

    (via LA Times)

    Photo: Rail cars arrive in Milton, N.D., loaded with pipe for the Keystone pipeline. (Eric Hylden/Associated Press)





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