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Kids Leading the Climate Change Battle

  • Posted by Peter Glatzer on June 5, 2014 in Conservation
  • At SHFT, we think about the world we're handing to the next generation a lot. Our non-profit, SHFT Mobile Kitchen Classroom in partnership with Stone Barns has a mission to educate kids around myriad food issues, nutrition and how to prepare their own healthful meals.  We find that today's youth understands the challenges they will be facing in their role as future-stewards of the planet.  When it comes to the broader issues of climate change, there is a boton being passed to them and it isn't pretty.  Brenton Mock covering the youth of Baltimore for Grist, writes on this very topic. 

    The world might be headed to hell in a plastic basket of coal, but like Bob Marley said, you can’t blame the youth. In fact, the youth are rising up to make sure that nobody ever tries to pin this on them. Organizers and politicians like to use literal poster children as a way to pull on heartstrings when reaching policy impasses. But kids today are taking the climate change fight into their own hands, refusing the role of mere victim and collateral damage, as we’re seeing at the local level in Baltimore, and also on the national stage. More...

    (via Grist)

    Photo credit: United Workers





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