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Kim Boske: Nature

  • Posted by SHFT on September 14, 2012 in Photography
  • In a world where the vast majority of us live in cities, far removed from the rhythms of nature, it's easy to see why people have a tendency to view humanity and nature and separate entities. That view is false, obviously, and we're always interested in art that explores this idea. These photographs from Amsterdam-based artist Kim Boske do just that. Shot at what appears to be a natural history museum, Boske's photos depict trees and plants growing indoors with landscape murals painted in the background. The series, jokingly titled "Nature," oftens some wry commentary on man's attempts to recreate and compartmentalize the natural world for our own purposes.

    Here is Boske on her attraction to nature as a subject (via):

    Nature has a special relationship with chaos and order. In nature, patterns are never completely regular and they never seem to repeat themselves in the exact same fashion. It is amazing how mathematical systems can describe processes of which the outcome is unpredictable. Nature is overwhelming. It possesses a bizarre quantity of information, structures and processes. It is interwoven with everything. Different aspects fascinate me every time. In I go walking in your landscape I walk around in a park. Walking means taking paths. Without this movement along paths the park cannot be comprehended.





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