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Kwangho Lee: Lifelike Design

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on August 12, 2010 in Design
  • The talk of the town at Design September 2010 in Brussels is an exhibition of Kwangho Lee's work at next-gen retailer/gallery Hunting and Collecting. The show, which is to runs from September 10-30, presents an overview of the talented Korean artist-designer's work and an animated projection of his creative process.

    Born in Seoul in 1981, Kwango Lee grew up in the remote countryside under the watchful eye of his grandfather, who taught him how to manipulate everyday materials into useful objects. His work, which unites art, design and craftsmanship, is abstract and experimental in the very best ways.

    According to Kwangho's motto, "Ordinary objects can become something beautiful." Using mundane, leftover materials such as styrofoam, rice straw, electrical cords, and PVC tubing, Kwangho creates functional objects of sublime beauty.

    If you're so fortunate to be in Brussels in September, be sure to check out the show. If not, you'll have to suffice with the promo trailer.

    For more Kwangho, check out his website.

    (Via Designboom)

    Photos: Fabian Battistella





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